Bamboo Poles

Who would have thought that bamboo poles are of such great significance or that there are so many types of them which can be used for various purposes such as:

  • Making fishing poles
  • Creating a sunshade in the garden
  • Creating a tepee; ideal for holding up vegetable plants that climb – pole beans for example
  • Using four poles to design an exquisite wedding arbor
  • Making a strong leg for a table
  • Adding an interesting feel and look to the house by using them to outline ceilings as well as  other architectural niceties
  • Making a (somewhat) sun-proof patio or deck by tightly packing them together. Look out for the rain though – it is not rain proof.

Bamboo is considered to be one of the many miracles that have been produced by nature; the structure and strength that it possesses allows it to be usable in many and various different ways and in many different countries. In China, it is said that these poles (or stick, stake, cane) is used in the agriculture/horticulture industry and significantly aid in young trees and plants’ early development. The poles can be used to build structures, furniture and fencing. Bamboo poles are distinct from lumber in that they are generally larger at the base than the top. They are naturally vulnerable to the development of some amount of cracks after a while and this is determined by humidity and temperature. One great feature of these poles though is that, unlike some humans, their beauty or integrity is not affected by cracks.

Bamboo Poles

Bamboo Poles

So now you know that there are many uses of these poles, but did you know that they come in various different designs? The styles, purposes and designs of bamboo poles are equally interesting and endless. Some of these will be briefly shared here:

  • Polished Bamboo Poles – These are kiln-heated to allow the natural oils of the bamboo to come out, giving it the polished look. These are ideal for exterior as well as interior projects that require a product that is considered of high quality.
  • Chunky Monkey – These are also kiln-heated to bring out the natural oils. They have a rich hue of amber-brown and are attractive in any décor of the home. These will do well in traditional building projects.
  • Elephant Leg: These are said to bring you the sub-tropics right where you are. Amber-brown in color, their distinctive and highly-seasoned appearance has been developed by hand-torch.
  • Hearts – Slim poles are heated then bent and made to stay in place. These are great decorative addition any chuppah or wedding arch.
  • Imported Poles – These poles have a traditional look and are generally seen in several different outdoor and indoor applications. They are ideal for any project, exterior or interior additions. The imported bamboo poles have a tendency to crack more often when compared to the domestic ones. For the imported poles also, cracks do not take away anything from the poles, in terms of strength or integrity.

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