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Fence Designs

We moved into a new house recently, and we really liked many things about the house including the fence designs.  It is likely that we never would have replaced it until it fell apart from age, but that was before our neighbor backed into the fence!  Our old fence was a bit like the picket fence designs, it was white and it had many slats that were connected by cross slats.  It was the fence that was here at the house when we moved in actually, and it just seemed to fit the house so perfectly that we saw no reason to change it.

When you are moving, there is a ton of other stuff to think about like unpacking boxes, decorating the house, figuring out which furniture goes in which room, putting up blinds and window shades, hanging pictures – the list goes on and on!  Moving truly is quite a process.  The last thing that was on our minds was picking out new fence designs.  Little did we know that less than a month after we moved in we would actually be looking at tons of fence designs trying to replace our flattened fence!

fence designs

fence designs

We had a housewarming part about a week after we moved into the new place.  We mainly invited a bunch of our friends and family, and a couple of neighbors from our old neighborhood that we really like.  As a courtesy, we gave invitations to our neighbors as well.  The neighborhood we live in now is a medium sized development.  Just to be safe, we distributed invitations to everyone else in the development in hopes that no one would complain about noise or anything like that.  The party was on a Friday night.  We picked Friday in hopes that no one would be upset if we played the music a little louder than normal.

The guests began to arrive at around 6:00pm.  We planned for the party to go until 10:00pm.  Everything was just fine for most of the night.  At around 9:30pm, people started leaving.  Everyone was gone by 11:00 except for one woman.  She had fallen asleep on our couch somehow.  My husband gently woke her up and told her she needed to go because the party was over.  The woman seemed quite embarrassed, and apologized for falling asleep on the couch and thanked us for our hospitality.  She then got her jacket and walked out to her car.

She waved goodbye to us as she backed down the driveway, but she must have misjudged how much space she had or something, because I watched her drive right over our lovely white fence!  We weren’t mad at her, because it really was an accident and she did promise to pay to fix the fence.  Also the look on her face when she hit the fence was priceless!  It was like something from one of those funny home movie shows.  So now here we are, checking out all kinds of new fence designs.  With all of the options, we are honestly having trouble finding the right fence designs for our needs.  So right now we still do not have a fence!

We know we want a wooden fence.  Some of the fence designs we have been considering include a split rail fence, standard runners and reverse runners.  It is so hard to pick the best fence design all by ourselves!  We will probably end up just installing another wooden picket fence just like the one we had before.