Wood Fence Panels

Just looking at it, you may say that concrete fence panels provide better safety because it looks sturdy as if it can last for many years. However, if there is ever such a time when the phrase ‘looks are deceiving’ is relevant, it is now. One thing they are for certain is unattractive and unfriendly to the environment. On the other hand, wood fence panels or premade fence panels, are guaranteed to last much longer than you would imagine. The ones that are pressure-treated provide a minimum of fifteen years guarantee of safety. This is the reason why they are available with anti-rot warranty. In addition, the wood posts are easier on the eye and will naturally blend in with gardens.

There are several fence panel styles available and the pickets can either be spaced or solid. The wood fence panels may be employed for creating a boundary for a property or as a privacy fence. When all is said and done, you will want to have posts that are stable and attractive. These types of fence panels can provide your garden with a feel and look of class, particularly if a decorative finish is added. It is certainly a comforting thought to know that there is no need to sacrifice security for decoration.

Wood Fence Panels

Wood Fence Panels

Individuals today who are keeping abreast of changing technology are making choices among the several different wood fence panels which are on the market. They may be different in details but the three main pre assembled styles of fence panel that are available to make a selection from are: Solid – This offers total privacy when employed as fencing for containment like for swimming pools as well as between lines of property. These also may be used to take unattractive areas or main roadway out of sight; Spaced picket – This is great for allowing the area to have a distinctive look while effectively keeping out pets as well as curious and sometimes naughty children; Shadowbox – Alternating panels are used across the front and back of the fence so that both sides can have the same look. The neighbors will have a pleasant viewing of your fence also. They are normally taller than the others (about six feet normally) and appear to be a total containment fence but more air circulation is allowed. These wooden fence panels make it easy for an individual to personally install a fence without incurring high labor costs.

The wooden fence panels that are most popularly used today are:

Redwood – Great look and easy installment; naturally protects against insects as well as water; they last very long and no special treatment is necessary for this excellent feature.

Pressure-treated – The panels are treated with particular chemicals using pressure; this improves the resistance, longevity and durability of the panels; these cost less than the other two fences.

Cedar – Most durable of the wood fences; provide great finish and texture; low maintenance requirement; natural oils result in water-resistant and safe from attack from insects.

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