Garden Fence

You may have at some point heard the wise saying that you have good neighbors when you make good fences. Well, some persons have come to learn that the consequences of bad or no fences can make enemies in no time flat! So there must be some truth in this saying. Your garden needs protection from animal threat like rabbits, chickens, dogs; naturally occurring sunshine and wind; and of course, human threat like neighbors. This is the number one reason why a garden fenceis essential. Now, apart from keeping the neighbors out so you can remain friends, the method of protecting the garden will be determined by the reason for protecting it. Some of the different reasons and protection tips are listed below:

Garden Fence

Garden Fence

  • To keep animals at bay

Deer and groundhogs, for example, will eat you out of your house, money and garden produce if you leave them careless enough. Dogs will use your garden bed as running ground as well as doggy out-house. Cats will not hesitate to dig anywhere for a comfortable sleeping spot. To keep the deer out, the garden fence height must be six feet. The only way to keep small dogs and cats out is to fasten the fence to the ground. The groundhog deterrence fence should be about four feet in height with one foot under the ground. Wire fencing can be used to keep out several animal pests. An electric fence (two-wire) is recommended for additional protection.

  • A shelter from the natural elements

The types of fences that can be used in this case are chain-link fence that has fabric slats or bamboo screening, as they require little maintenance and are useful wind barriers; wood fencing simply because it is attractive. Ensure that it is placed two feet below the ground surface to prevent it being blown over by wind. Synthetic or canvas shades can be used if the garden is located in a sunny or hot region. A trellis is recommended for permanent protection.

Individuals will have different needs and tastes and there are numerous different styles and types of garden fence for them to choose from which also provides privacy while remaining attractive. For peace to reign, you may want the neighbor to have a say in your choice of fence. Below are some of the more popular types:

Picket Fencing – This is generally the fence of choice for both a back and front garden that does not require privacy. Although mainly for decoration, this garden fence offers some amount of security.

Close Board Fencing – This type of fencing has a heavy duty structure and is strong and hard wearing enough to stand up against wind. In addition to its sturdiness, it offers security as well as privacy for the garden area.

Post Fencing – The post garden fence is generally utilized for marking out boundaries in a garden that is in the front of the yard or within a particular field. This type of fencing is quite simple and does not provide any outstanding look for the garden.

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