Garden Fencing

Garden fencing is essential for a vegetable garden.  I learned that the hard way!  Until I put up garden fencing, I had nothing but problems with my vegetable garden!  I could not figure out why all of my tomatoes always would get to the point where they were almost perfectly ripe, and then mysteriously, the night before they were to be picked they would be taken by some kind of midnight marauder.  It baffled me!  For many a spring, summer, and fall, I tried everything I could think of the to catch the culprit in the act.

First I tried setting up a cage to trap the culprit.  First I started with a really large one.  I guess I was just trying to be extra thorough.  I was really inspired when I started this stalking my midnight garden thief, but I unfortunately did not have any success with my gigantic bear sized trap.  Sure enough, my tomatoes were still being stolen right from underneath my nose!  How annoying.  Next I tried putting up a scarecrow.  I thought for sure that it would finally do the trick and that I had finally found something that would solve my problem.  It did keep some of the crows away, but not enough to make a difference.  At that point I realized that I really did need to build some garden fencing.

Garden Fencing

Garden Fencing

First I looked at a bunch of various garden fencing sheffield kits.  They were relatively affordable, and I could choose between wood, vinyl, and metal fencing.  However, I couldn’t find one that was the size I wanted!  I wanted something tall enough to keep out whatever was destroying my crops!  I have always been a ‘do it yourself’ kind of person, so I selected a garden fencing kit I really liked, and then gathered all of the same materials in a slightly taller height.  I made sure to plan a gate where I could get into the garden.  I didn’t want to fence myself out!  I then went home and got to work.

It was not long at all before I had finished building my garden fence.  Then I planted some more tomatoes and started the waiting process.  I could not wait until they were ripe!  That summer, I was so ready for my fresh home grown tomatoes!  This would be the first year in three years that I got to eat them myself!  One day I thought they looked perfect to start picking, but I decided to wait one more night.  As I was sleeping, I heard a terrible crash in the backyard and I ran out there to see what it was.  At first I thought it was a bear, but then the bear turned around and I saw it was my neighbor!  Now I knew where my tomatoes had disappeared to each year, thanks to my garden fencing.  Once my neighbor was caught, he did not steal my tomatoes anymore, and I was very happy.

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