Metal Fence

We recently went shopping for a metal fence to go around the pool in our backyard.  Our pool is truly magnificent!  It has a big slide and a diving board at the deep end of the pool, and the shallow end of the pool has graduated steps that make it easy for little kids and new swimmers to get in and out of the pool easily.  We installed a special bottom to our pool that has iridescent and shiny tiling, so it truly looks majestic.  We also have a Jacuzzi next to the pool that we like to use often.  The Jacuzzi is a dark green color and we find it really relaxing.  There have been many days that after a long day at work we truly need to soak in the Jacuzzi to melt our troubles away.

The reason that we needed to build a metal fence was because we wanted to make sure that the neighborhood kids could not get in there without us knowing.  As friendly neighbors, we often allow all of the children in the neighborhood to swim in our pool, especially on hot days.  However, we do go on vacation for a month each summer, and we simply did not want anyone to be able to get into the pool when we were not home for safety concerns.  With a fence and a padlock, we could be sure that no one was using our pool when we were away on vacation, unless we provided them with a key to use.

Metal Fence

Metal Fence

We decided that we wanted to have a chain link metal fence.  They are a quite affordable option, and the one we selected had the metal wrapped with a dark green vinyl substance which was actually very attractive.  Next we needed to find the right professional fence installer to install our chain link metal fence.  We wanted to pick some one local, so we asked around to our friends, family, and neighbors to see if anyone had someone in mind that they could recommend to us.  We found a gentleman who came highly recommended, and then we hired him immediately.  He said that he could complete the job in four days time, so we were very excited to see him get started.

The man arrived on a Friday, and began the process of building our new metal fence.  On Friday, he walked around and measured everything he needed to and finalized his plans.  He showed us a sketch of how the fence would look once he had completed the job.  We were pleased with what we saw, so we gave him the go ahead to get started the very next day.  Then on Saturday he pounded tall round metal posts into the ground, and dropped off the rest of his supplies.  On Sunday he put up the actual fencing.  The process ended up taking 3 days instead of 4, we were so pleased that we gave him a big tip, and invited him to come over to our pool party the next weekend.

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