Fence Panels

The fence panels in my backyard are getting rather old.  One thing I do love about my fence panels is that my neighbor’s dog always stares at me through the fence panels as I sit in my lounge chair on my deck it is always right there staring at me with the most adorable face you could ever see.  I am telling you, I really need to replace these panels, but I am hesitant to do so because I really like being able to see my neighbor’s dog through the fencing.  This dog is something else.  Her name is Rowdy, which I think is a rather silly name for a dog to begin with, but it is a downright laughable name when you consider that this is the most calm and docile creature you could ever imagine.  I love it when she peeks at me through the fence panels between our yards, it is so cute!

Fence Panels

Fence Panels

My neighbor Jessica came over to my place one day and told me she intended to get a dog.  Instead of going to a breeder or going to a shelter for a rescue dog, she decided that she was going to adopt a retired greyhound named Rowdy who used to be a racing dog!  I was excited because I have heard that greyhounds have nice temperaments, and I also think they are beautiful dogs.  I even wanted to rescue a racing greyhound too, but my husband has said absolutely not and no way so I guess that is out of the question.

As soon as my neighbor came home with her new dog, the dog ran right across the yard and put its face up to the fence panels and slid its nose through the fence panels a bit and started sniffing.   My husband was grilling steaks and hamburgers in the backyard, so I think that might have had something to do with it.  I am guessing Ms. Rowdy liked the aroma she smelled.  I worried that she was going to burst right through the fence, but the fence is still sturdy enough that she wasn’t able to.

After this episode with the burgers and steaks, I immediately considered replacing my fence panels with new ones, because I know I have got several splinters in my hand from these old ones.  The ones I have right now are made from wood, and they have definitely seen better days.  I wouldn’t want Rowdy hurting herself!  Vinyl fence panels are attractive, durable, and weatherproof, so they are truly a very attractive option that I have been considering for my fence.  Most importantly, Rowdy can’t get a splinter with them!  But I fear that there wouldn’t be enough space for her to get her nose between them.  I guess I’ll just live with my wooden fence panels for now.  Or perhaps I will replace them with different wooden fence panels.  I am not sure if I will be able to replace the fence panels without tearing out and replacing the entire fence, I really hope so!

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