Wooden Fence

The task is set out to choose from the different types of wooden fences. What are the best ones? How do I choose? Should I go for price or quality? Can I get good price with quality? These are some of the question that may be turning over in your head when the need comes up to install one of these on your property. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the several types of available fences of this material as well as the other aspects that require careful considerations. Luckily for you, the decision is narrowed down to only two areas to look at and these are form – how it should look and function – what are the real purposes of the fencing.

Like marriages, sometimes there will be compatibility between function and form and sometimes this is definitely not the case. As an example, fencing using chain-link and other products that are also metal frequently result in high-quality security fences. So, if security is what you require, you may have to sacrifice form for function. Your house style may be pleading for a wood fence to go with the décor but you may be convinced to use the metal instead because of high security concerns.

Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence

If form is the main focus, when the decision for ideal garden fencing bristol is made, there should be consideration of the fences’ potential with the style of the house and with the landscape design. For instance, wood fence designs with rugged and rough rails and posts like split-rail fences generally are matched with houses that are ranch-styled and US Southern landscape design theme. The picket fencing style appears to be naturally suitable for English-inspired cottage gardens landscape designs. When the attention is on function, regrettably, you cannot choose certain kind of wooden fences no matter how beautiful and irresistible they are. If dogs are to be kept safe from harm or harming people or other animals, for example, or to keep animals like deer from entering the property, the homeowner is required to have highly effective fencing like an electric dog fence or one of the various kinds of fencing designed to keep out deer.

To make up for its shortfall in the area of security, wooden fences are great options for fencing that require privacy – visual as well as sound barriers. When focusing on creating a sanctuary in your backyard, for instance, this type of attractive fencing is your best choice. Other homeowners will prefer to give up a little on the insistence of privacy and select fences that offer a feel of a little airiness and let in a little of the outside world. Partial privacy can be offered by lattice fencing as well as picket fences that are taller than the usual.

Nothing can compare to wood when it comes to beauty and warmth. With adequate maintenance, the fences made of wood can be used for years. The biggest foe of wooden fence is rotting. The fences should be thoroughly examined yearly and when damage is found, it should be corrected before there is damage spread.

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